I saw a picture today that was beyond exciting… mostly just to me.  There are things in my job that cause me grief.  Not that any part of my job is truly terrible, but there are a few things that are a lot less cool than others, and this one thing is in the short list.  I absolutely hate putting nuts and bolts onto a weekly service.  Deciding how many times to sing a chorus or how long before somebody takes the stage is not really something I worry about much before the moment.  For the sanity of the band, I’ve found a few tools that help make that stuff happen.  Here’s an example of what it is that not only helps me, but also streamlines stuff on Sundays.
My set listI can’t take credit for that whole system, just that we use it at my place of employment.  It’s like having a secretary and a musical director that takes care of business so that I can still feel like more of a ‘Johnny Fever’ and less like a ‘Less Nessman.’

What I saw today that truly changed something in my brain was a different form of pretty much the same thing… but not by a less-than-mega-rocker worship pastor.  I saw Dave Grohl’s ‘service order’ on his twitter*, which literally blew me away.  I’d call the Foofighters a sincere rock band, and they have a list of stuff they have to check off on stage just like I do.  CRAZY.  Either they all need to start wearing sweater vests and drinking french pressed coffee or I can finally start smoking cigarettes on stage**.

Foofighter's 8/24 setlist

* Twitter is not my thing, I just happened to notice his post on an RSS feed somewhere else online.

** I don’t smoke.  I don’t truly want to smoke on stage.  Really, that’s just the only thing I think I don’t do that they might happen to do.  That and curse wildly from behind a microphone.