I have been waiting for a package from Amazon for close to a month.  The website said the item was shipped and delivered.  The office that accepts packages at the old apartment said they never received it.  I was caught between them somehow.  And like Samson, I was ready to tear down the pillars that had me bound.  After I felt like I could do no more complaining, I decided to check out Amazon’s customer service.
Now, I’m not super excited to talk to customer service.  I’ve had some bad experiences,  and ever since, I’ve steered clear of the whole customer service situation.  Too much on-hold time and really bad music.  But this time, after looking at a very brief description of how to use customer service options for Amazon, I decided to use the ‘Let us call you’ option.  Within two minutes, I was on the line with someone that not only spoke english, but was very helpful, took care of everything and even upgraded shipping and gave me a small account credit for my troubles.  Never once did she tell me I had lied.  She never raised her voice.  In fact, the whole time, it seemed like she was genuinely sorry that I had been dealt a bad hand.  So I’m starting to think about Amazon a little differently.  Maybe that’s not such a bad company.  Now, I’m sure others have had issues with them previously.  And I’m sure others will have problems in the future.  But I may just keep shopping there.  Because it seems like I was an honored guest, not an inconvenient bother.  And because they not only made a situation right at their own expense, but also helped change my mind about a mistake.  Nice.