I’m Ben. I have a computer, a cell phone & ipod (that happen to be the same thing) and a guitar.  My third* office and home away from home is the local coffee shop, where I spend several hours per week. I’m somewhat cynical, believe that I have to give respect to others and give it freely.  I lead worship at a church in between Ann Arbor and Jackson, Michigan. I also co-host a morning show on a ‘family-friendly’ radio station that covers most of the southern 1/4 of Michigan.  I’m regularly humbled by the grace and sufficiency of Christ.  My greatest joys in life are laughter, relationships and coffee.  Some days I think I should have a TV talk show, and some days I feel like I’d be better off not opening my mouth.  But I also sometimes notice that life is often about faking it until you make it.  This blog is really just for me to write out my thoughts… both good and bad.  It’s also a place for me to remember things I’ve done in and with my life.  A scrapbook of sorts.

* seriously.

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Ben Barnes