I got a Bosch DareDevil reciprocating saw blade this week.  I’ve had a reciprocating saw for about four years.  In that time, I’ve gone through probably a dozen blades (remodeling an aging house takes its tole on a saw blade).  After using the DareDevil blade, I have a feeling I’ve been wasting my time until now.  I went through four battery charges before even questioning the stability of the blade.  And after inspection (after a full day of using the saw), I realized that the blade was still going strong.  In fact, the paint was still intact.  I’m impressed.  The blade is still strong, still has a sharp edge, and still cuts just about anything I want.  I don’t know that I’ll ever buy another blade.  I couldn’t believe one blade could do all of my cutting chores prior to this blade, but now…. my tune has changed!!!  If you need one, don’t even question it!!!!!  Just go get the DareDevil by Bosch!