I got a bottle of glue in the mail from the good people at Elmer’s.  It’s some sort of chemically enhanced glue, like the Captain America of the glue world….. without all the American pride stuff.  It’s small but strong, has no questionable fumes, and does exactly what glue is supposed to do….. stick things together that God didn’t make naturally sticky.

It’s strong.  Don’t question it.  I reassembled a ceramic pot that I had clumsily broken months ago with the Elmer’s ProBond glue in just a few minutes and it worked like a charm.  Not only is the stuff strong and not stink, but it didn’t foam up like other glue does.  It took much less time to set up than most glue, left no weird residue on my hands or the table, and was a cinch to wash off after the job was done.  Didn’t even need soap!

I guess if you’re looking for household glue, you should really stop using the regular white stuff and switch to this.  It’s better.  Way better.  Look for it!  Elmer’s ProBond Advanced.