I forgot that I had a blog for a while. Actually, every morning as I’d hit my usual ‘sites’ I just tried to ignore this particular place. And here I am writing after a mere three (more like four) months. Here are a few thoughts for the past few months… in absolutely no particular order.

1. Semi trucks have a very big responsibility that they don’t seem to remember some days.
2. Bluetooth sure is great when it works… even if it DOES kill my batteries a couple times a day.
3. Unexpected gifts are the same as expected gifts, you just don’t see them coming.
4. Sometimes anxiety needs to be medicated away because it’s not founded on anything realistic. But other times, anxiety is just nature’s way of telling you to RUN AWAY.
5. Never take the first landscaping bid. Ever.
6. Showing your cards is not always easy, but having a poker face seems to get easier with practice.
7. You can only work from a suitcase or boxes for so long until you end up doing something drastic.

I don’t want to promise that I’ll be back up and blogging regularly in two weeks, because I probably won’t be. However, if it happens, I guess this is sort of a letter of intent.