I usually laugh when people tell me they are a part of a ‘community.’  I think that internally, my brain has translated that statement into something like, “I didn’t have a house, so some friends let me live in their crawl space.” or “For six years, I’ve been hiding from the cops by acting as this guy’s housekeeper.” or even “None of us are legally allowed to own a home, so we share this house that somebody’s grandmother left behind.”  Not my idea of a legitimate reason to live with others and share my toothpaste.

The thing is, though, sometimes living in a community is a great thing.  Jesus did it.  Must mean it’s cool.  I didn’t really set out to go to that place, so I’ll get to the point.  When I see start-up companies use terms like ‘community’ and ‘mutual responsibility’ it kind of touches a nerve that makes me uncomfortable.  BUT I found a cellular company today that really does have a very cool take on community.  See for yourself if you’d like.  Read their statements.  See their plans.  And after your 2 year cell contract is over, sell your iPhone 4s and sign with these people… unless their parents kick them out of the basement and sell their equipment.