I was at a stop light in Spring Arbor this morning (the only stop light in Spring Arbor) waiting for the light to change… as is my custom.  Nobody else was at the intersection when I first got there, and I thought for a split-second about ignoring the light’s requirement and just driving through.  But I stopped and waited.  I looked in my rear-view-mirror while I waited and noticed that a tanker truck was coming up behind me… quickly.  The light was red (and visible for half a mile), but the driver didn’t notice the light or the bright red van stopped at it.  So as he approached, I guess he finally saw the oncoming vehicle (my oncoming vehicle) and put the brakes on.  The truck didn’t squeal, which was surprising, because he fish-tailed and had to swerve into the turn-lane to keep from devouring my van.  His cab was in the turn lane.  His thorax (I have no idea what the big middle part of a semi truck is called) was sprawled across the turn lane, the main lane and the other turn lane, and his tail lights and bumper were in the gravel.  There was significant smoke in the road from his brakes and tires.  I was really upset for about two seconds.  To the point that I wanted to stop him to ask what on earth was more important than the safety of others for him to ignore traffic lights and other vehicles on the road.  But then I realized that me stopping to yet wasn’t going to do anything.  So I drove on and he slowly did the same.  I lost my anger within a few seconds and lost sight of the guy within a minute or two.  Now I have to laugh at the thought of that greasy old trucker cleaning out his shorts at the next truck stop.  Maybe that’s a better encouragement for focus on the road than some angry guy with a mustache pulling him over to yell at him.