Monday started with my wife leaving (VERY, VERY early) for a week of some post-grad work in Anderson, Indiana. That was an hour before my alarm was set to go off, so I thought I’d stay in bed. That was useless. Didn’t sleep much after that. Next, the roof installer that was coming to my house to install a brand new roof on our home called to tell me he was ready to ‘get the job done’ and I told him to do what he needed to do. Half an hour later, the dirty, broken old roof was in a dumpster and a new one was being installed. After a series of heated phone calls, I found out that the small print on a contract shouldn’t be ignored, because it ended up costing us $1000 over our agreed upon price for the roof. Needless to say, I was ready for the roof to be done and people to leave my property. And they did. But not until they had trampled most of my new landscaping and left the back door to my house wide open. And then the cat left the premises. And I walked at least 8 times around our neighborhood looking for the cat, just to find her waiting for me on the porch last night around 10:30. So…. let’s recap.

Woke up too early for human consumption.
Left alone for a week.
Roof cost an extra $1000.
Hansons trampled my plants.
The cat ran away.

I guess what I took away from yesterday was this… Fred Penner was right. The cat really DOES come back. Sometimes even before the very next day. See what I’m talking about here.