I saw a guy strike out today at Panera. I was reading (as was my wife, across from me) and glazing over a little thinking through what I’d been reading when I saw a guy sit down with (what seemed like) a new female object of his affection (and adult paper-route money). They talked back and forth over their lunch while trying not to stare at each other. As they finished their meal, the guy must have hit a subject that the girl was less than entertained by, because her body language was no longer in english and, if I was reading correctly, was now in french*. He kept speaking. She kept slouching and crossing arms, only rarely making eye contact with the poor guy. I’m no expert, but I can’t figure out how this guy didn’t see how very little she cared about his chosen topic. After ten minutes or so of empty plates and cups, it looked like they were getting ready to leave, but she stood up without him, said something and walked out of the restaurant. She then went out front and called someone on her cell phone, standing outside of the restaurant… ignoring the fact that her recent lunch date was staring at her. As the girl chatted away on her phone, the guy finished his remaining coffee, collected and bussed his dishes, then left out the back door.

I picked up a few things from watching this couple. Here’s what I saw…

1. Luckily for me, the couple was too involved in their conversation to see a big scary guy watching them from across the restaurant.
2. The guy seemed to be putting himself out there, even though the girl was trying REALLY HARD to let him know her intentions through her nonverbal cues.
3. It didn’t seem to matter to either of the couple who was seated near them.
4. The girl really, really didn’t care (and probably enjoyed) that the guy could see her talking on her phone outside the restaurant.
5. I may have read way too much into what I was seeing. After all, I have been listening to Lionel Richie sings the love songs for the past two hours.