If you’re gonna have a fight, or even just a somewhat heated discussion, there are rules that apply.  You can’t just go in there with gloves on (or off, for our hockey friends) and fists swinging.  I’m not a fighter.  I’m a runner-away and talk-about-feelings type.  But TV has brought to my attention a few good rules for fighting.  They seem to work for me (as I’ve been able to try them out at least a dozen times in the past six months), so maybe they can work for you, too.  So we all know, I got these rules from John Francis Donaghy, who seems to be a pretty good businessman.

Rules for Defusing a Fight
1.  Say No – Don’t let the other person force you into an argument.
2.  Talk Low – Having a quiet voice helps calm the other person and also keeps you thinking rationally.
3.  Just Go – If things get in ‘a bad way,’ just walk away and resolve the issue at another time.

Try it and see what happens.  Or don’t try it and also see what happens.  All I know is that there should probably be more teaching on how to avoid raising voices and tempers.