Woke up with some sort of food-borne illness from soup I ate on Thursday night at a pot-luck.  Thanks, stranger that makes really weird Chicken Noodle Soup with miscellaneous herb.  I lost six pounds due to one really bad mistake…. er… bowl.
Worked til noon, went home, slept on the couch for an hour and got ready for a gig.
Drove to Monroe, led worship, saw some great old (young) friends, drove home in the pouring rain.

Woke up, got ready, drove up to Frankenmuth to shop and eat really expensive chicken.  Shopped, ate chicken, got stuck on the freeway for an hour, then politely told to get off the highway at our earliest convenien….. NOW.  Stayed at a really ghetto, yet surprisingly nicely appointed Baymont Inn just south of Clio, Michigan.

Woke up REALLY early to drive home on icy roads in time to shower and drive to church late after :40 minutes of sleep (due to a strange bed in a strange town with strange people very near by).

Hopefully after lunch with friends, I’ll come home and sleep.  Not shop, not watch TV, not work on the basement, not even shovel the driveway.  TV, groceries and shoveling can all wait.  I need a nap.