After a sincere pummeling from mother nature on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, the Jackson County Road Commission did a fantastic job clearing off the roads all over town.  There are some sincerely hard working people that make the roads passable for the rest of us.  And for that, I’m thankful.  But here’s what I’m not thankful for.  Today I got home to find my driveway (that I’d worked quite hard to clear off for over an hour on Wednesday afternoon) totally blocked off.  There was a mound of snow two & three feet deep that stretched from the road to ten feet up my driveway.  And it wasn’t fresh snow.  This was hardened and compacted snow that took me another thirty minutes to clear.  I understand that the snow on the road has to go somewhere.  I also understand that the snow from the road sometimes ends up in places it wasn’t meant to go.  But there were obvious signs in the snow that told me someone plowed the snow directly into my driveway.  Why someone would do that, I have no idea.  But it happened.  So after shoveling and dealing with the mess in the driveway, I calmed down and took a few minutes to not freak out before calling the road commission.  Once I’d had a chance to get back to center, I called the office to figure out what was happening.  And was given slightly more than an earful by the woman that answered the phone.  I didn’t raise my voice.  I didn’t even put blame on anyone.  I just asked how to avoid such a problem in the future.  She ended up hanging up on me after less than a minute.  I think next time I’d like to go down to the ol’ commission in person.  I’d be much more willing to get yelled at in person.  So… Kathy, thanks.  But no thanks.  For now, I’ll just throw the snow back into the road and wait for the orange truck to push it somewhere else.