I was watching 30 Rock today while my local handyman hung (hanged?)  drywall in my basement.  A very short scene in an episode about high school reunions made me laugh A LOT, and then got me thinking.  The quote that started my brainy-works a’goin was this…

“Don’t hide behind a joke.  Any time you see a chance to truly connect with people, you make a joke and unplug.  Stay connected and be with people.”

The quote kept going, but that’s all I got.  That’s all I needed, anyway.  I know that I do that.  I can think of at least three times in the last four days that I’ve made a joke instead of staying involved in a conversation or showing real feelings.  And I’d never have noticed that had I not heard that line on some tv show while waiting for my basement to be finished.  Wild.

By the way, I would suggest watching 30 Rock.  It’s funny.  Very funny.