I’m knee-deep in a basement remodel right now.  It was modeled after a dungeon*.  Now it’s being transformed.  It’s being modeled after a reasonably nice basement… with all the amenities one would expect out of an eighty-one year old house… plus electricity and plumbing.  The walls were made of some sort of conglomerate material that reminds me of a cross between old beard hair and coconut shell.  They’re being drywalled.  The ceiling was tiled, but the tiles were being held up by spider webs.  Again… drywalled.  The floors were (I’m pretty sure) asbestos tiles.  Those are finding their way to the bottom of a lake or somebody else’s property line or something very, very soon**.

Speaking of floors…  After some significant research and thought, I’ve decided to install resilient vinyl flooring in the basement.  It looks like barn wood and is very fairly priced.  The best part of using this material is that there’s only one step in preparing the floors, which is really (so they tell me) very simple.  I have to pour self-leveling concrete over the floor to make sure the floor is level.  Once that’s done, the floors get beautified and I get to put my feet up.  Great!

Speaking of great… I ordered the flooring from a liquidator*** of flooring on Monday at a set price per foot.  Since the room I’m refinishing isn’t a really big space, the square footage was pretty low.  The price for the materials was reasonable, and I was pretty happy with the purchase.  This morning, I received an email advertisement from the company telling me about their new sale, which marked the materials I’d purchased for close to 33% cheaper.  I called customer service and was granted a ‘pricematch’ deal, where they gave me the better price, added another 8% off, and thanked me for calling.  Awesome.  The floors go in next week if all goes to plan.  And I still have enough cash to buy a TV…  I think.


*  By dungeon, I obviously do not mean that my basement was a dungeon.  It was just scary to my wife and had a smell, look and feel of the basement from Psycho.

**  Not really going to throw seriously hazardous materials into a lake.  Maybe the back lot of somebody’s property, but most likely, it’s going to a regional landfill to contaminate seagulls.

***  Contrary to popular belief, this company does NOT liquify floors… though that’d be easier for shipping, I’d think.