A new blog post is well past-due.  So here it is.

I think the internet has ruined me for Gift Cards.  I love getting gift cards.  They give me the gift I want at the price someone else paid… or a discount on an item I don’t think I could afford.  I get to pick out stuff I want.  In the right language or right size or right color.  But ever since I started really paying attention to prices, the gift card seems to be less cool to me.  I recently got a gift card to an electronics store.  The store is generally about 15%-20% higher than most online shops.  So I rarely make purchases there unless I NEED an item immediately.  So this gift card is forcing my hand.  Now that I’ve got ‘store credit’ I almost have to make my purchase there… even though the items I wanted aren’t in stock and are higher priced.

Anybody remember when the mall started doing gift cards for the entire mall?  Those were awesome.  The mall had everything (even tires, movies and real food when I was a kid), and a mall gift card held endless possibilities.  Oh, how I wish there was an ‘internet gift card’ that allowed you to spend somebody’s cash without the limit of a certain store.  Man, that’d be sweet.