Warning: This is a rant about the truly terrible practices of the newspaper in my town.

My local newspaper is awful.  There aren’t many articles I’ve read over the past twenty years that I can think back on with fondness… come to think of it, I can’t remember any articles I’ve read in that paper.  It’s just not good.  They settle for sub-par writing and sub-par ethics from their ‘reporters’.  I’m not saying that everyone employed by the paper is bad.  In fact, there are some very cool and quailified people over there.  But as a whole, I have a problem with how they forget who they’re writing for and whom they’re writing about.  And the following is why I write this today.  First, in September, an article was published about a local teacher (whom I’ve known for years) that put him in an extremely bad light… without real evidence.  The ‘key’ interview in the article was a part-time security officer from a local pseudo-department store.  And the article put into question the lifestyle & integrity of a highly qualified and extremely well-thought-of and long standing member of the community.  Was the article informative?  Maybe.  Was it true?  Possibly.  Was it necessary to insinuate guilt or cause panic to anyone in contact with the man?  Absolutely not.  Bad form, local paper.  Bad form.  By the way, the paper put out another article this week with the outcome of the investigation from the first article.  The case was dismissed because the prosecutor wasn’t going to go any further.

The thing is… the courts decided that he wasn’t in any problem with the law.  But the newspaper has decided that he still needs to suffer.  So a man now has people giving him dirty looks and wondering if he’s going to be a threat to them or their kids.  And he’s free.  Shame on you, newspaper.  I think I’m gonna stick to the Free Press from now on.  I’ll leave the Citizen Patriot to people without conscience.  Or spell check.