By news, I don’t mean news.  I actually mean anything that’s come to my mind or attention (two very different things) in the past few days.

  • If you see paramedics w/ a stretcher coming into Applebee’s before you get a chance to order your meal, you might as well leave.  Your wait will be longer than the normal “it’s ok, these things happen” response to your wait staff and you will more than likely resent the restaurant for weeks.  Not worth it.
  • Making more money to do the same job is awesome.  Makes a guy feel like he’s valid.  AND helps get bills paid and bacon brought home… which, for some people, is a bill all its own.
  • Sunday afternoon is NO time to go to a restaurant that allows you to find (or fight for) your own seat.  People that typically go out to eat on Sundays are very hungry and (sadly) coming from church.  (Not sadly because they were at church, but sad because of the way they treat people around them when they fight for their seats at a restaurant that allows them to fend for themselves.)  I’d rather go to the dentist than deal with that.
  • Speaking of the dentist, I went to one.  They did a root canal and a crown.  I’ve got a temporary crown right now.  They gave me the option of sedation, which I immediately accepted.  I will never have real dentistry without being sedated.  I wasn’t ‘knocked out’ or ‘twilighted’ in any way.  Really, it was just a good mood without worry of pain.  They still numbed me with big needles.  I was awake the whole time.  In fact, I remember, contrary to the belief of most all dentist office staff, the whole procedure.  And I’m a fan.  I’ll be back.  And not just because they said I have to.