1. Between 10am – 2pm, the overwhelming majority of people at Panera are over 65 and afraid of technology… and young people. Oh. And they can’t read the signs that say ONE WAY in the parking lot.

2. Daylight Savings Time ends up screwing me up no matter how much ‘extra’ they say it gives me. I end up feeling tired and confused for a week no matter which way it goes.

3. I may live in a very nice neighborhood with fairly cool people around, but I have to drive through the wrong part of town to get home from the highway. It may be time to seek an alternate route.

4. 70 degrees seems warm when I’m doing things around the house. The moment I sit down, however, it sure does seem arctic.

5. Having neighbors that take zero pride in their yards and/or tall trees makes it VERY difficult to stay motivated to do anything about the leaves that keep falling in my back yard…. the leaves that fall from the neighbor’s tree, I might add.

6. Semi-trucks should have laws against using the passing lane during rush hour. If they’re all supposed to be going 55 no matter what, then passing really shouldn’t be an issue for them. Plus, the fact that they back up 20 cars just to go 2 mph faster than the guy next to them should be criminal… or at least fine-worthy.