Ok.  It’s been a few days (weeks) since I’ve blogged.  Mostly because things are a little bit crazy around here lately.  Rather than give long and drawn out details of all areas of my life, I’ll give a few bullet points.  Mind you, some of these are weightier than others.  In no way am I comparing the hugeness of some with the not-a-big-deal of others.

1.  My wife had cancer.  And then she had surgery where they took out all cancer and gave her a 100% clean bill of health!

2.  Our house is becoming a home.  We’ve painted all but the kitchen on the ground level, have had the floors polyurethaned, have arranged the furniture in a home-y way, and are comfortable with the outcome.

3.  I purchased Quicktime Pro.  Nobody ever explained how important Quicktime Pro is.  Jerks.  For real.  That program does what I need.

4.  Radio is fun.