A few weeks ago, I wrote about a crazy transaction I had with amazon and my old apartment complex.  Amazon made right a situation that truly should’ve been taken care of by the apartment manager.  At any rate, I ended the post with a very good feeling about Amazon.  And I still have that feeling.  But here’s the next chapter.

My wife’s birthday was two weeks ago and I wanted to get her the Lord Of The Rings trilogy on Blu Ray.  It’s close to $100 at any retail outlet, so I thought I’d just find it online.  Ebay had them for a range of prices, but all of them seemed sketchy.  I was too afraid to even go to Craigslist… for fear of being abducted.  So Amazon had my attention.  The prices were good.  Half of the price of normal retail for some sales.  I decided to buy a used (but in Like-New condition) copy of the six disk set because there are digital copies of each film that you can put onto a computer, an iphone, a video watch, a dog bowl… technology is awesome.  So three days from payment, the great set of movies showed up.  The wife was gone for the day, so I hid the set and waited for her birthday to give them to her.  The day came, I handed her the new movies and we put them on the shelf for a few days.

Last week, I went to put the digital films on my computer and BAM, they were already used (one download per disk).  I contacted the seller of the item with my dilema and asked for some sort of reimbursement.  They told me basically that ‘my problem’ was that I didn’t read all the given information before purchasing.  Instead of freaking out and finding their address (which I might have done a month ago), I went through the next channel, which was Amazon customer service.  They refunded my money within five days after concluding that I was in the right.  No mention was made of sending back any products.  No further action was necessary.  So… awesome.  Free Blu Ray is better than shafted Blu Ray and no digital copies.

Today I got an email from the seller.  They said that if I don’t send back the item, they’ll have to take further action.  What that action might be, I wouldn’t know.  I’m not normally someone that takes advantage of others through Amazon.  That’s this other guy’s job, obviously.  So… there are these Blu Ray dvd’s sitting on my shelf.  Still don’t know what I’m going to do with them.