I had just gotten through a few minor issues with the new house… the bathroom is about an hour of work from being finished.  The kitchen is all but done.  The only issue with the living room is painting & a set of blinds to be hung… and maybe a few pictures.  The bedroom is all done.  And then I got a call from the wife today saying that the bathtub was draining into the kitchen sink.  Well, three or four months ago, we ran into the same problem (before we owned the home).  Luckily we had a plumber come out and auger (snake) the drain for just under two hours until the pipes were squeaky clean again and the bathtub didn’t drain into it.  The thought of that still grosses me out slightly.  Now there’s a plumber at the house, snaking and video taping and cramming camera lenses and flashlights down pipes that they don’t belong in just to show my wife how drastically we needed to have something done months ago.  Aha (insert Jeff Goldblum impression) see, there’s where I’ve got them.  There was a one year warranty, you see.  We paid an unreal amount of money to a plumbing company to clear a drain.  And in return, they cleared the drain and gave us a one year warranty.  Now, as the drain has clogged again (for reasons no one can figure out) we have a bill that is payable by them… or plumbed by them.  The beauty of the situation is that I knew of the warranty without saying anything when I made the call.  And now that the plumber is at the house, he realizes it’s a warranty call and not a new claim.  And that, friends, is hopefully going to save me some money.  All of it, actually.  How much, you ask?  More than I’d like to pay since I’ve got their warranty.