Recent (relative) musical history shows us that bands are just powerful as a trio.  Something happens when there are fewer instruments and vocals and cables and music stands.  Look at Three Dog Night, Cream, Crosby Stills & Nash (but not Young, thank you), The Police or even the new kids (just the term, not the band) Muse.  These are all bands that could arguably be on the short list for best bands in the past fifty years.  Why?  Well, I guess it’s because something comes out when you have only a guitar, a bass and a set of drums.  That’s obviously not always the case, because there were plenty of times I “jammed” with two buddies and thought we were making something significant, but it turned out just to be significant noise.

Yesterday at job #2, I decided to put together a three piece.  Now, I’m not saying we tore the place apart with our rock and/or roll, but I will say that it was pretty good.  The credit has to go to the drums & bass.  Those guys were great.  They followed very closely, made things nice & tight, and made me look better.  There was also something wildly great about my guitar/amp tone yesterday.  Like a cross between something that  sounds good and something else that sounds almost as good, but slightly more modest.

After a full rehearsal with a great band Sunday, I felt like I wanted to just keep going.  However, due to circumstances, I had to put the guitar down and go be a grown up for a while.  I really think I’m gonna make that three piece a regular rotation.  Just felt good.  Like…  well, like something else that feels pretty good.