In high school, I dreamed of the girls that would obsess about me and do really weird and crazy things like call my parents and ask them what I was like as a kid… the truly crazy things that would normally make people upset, even afraid for their lives.  Well, maybe not their lives.  But for sure their ability to answer the phone without wondering if that crazy girl will be calling.  All that to say that I used to think I wanted that… in a girl.  The crazy one.  But tonight, I watched All About Steve.  And in this movie, the female lead is slightly beyond the point of high school crazy.  The character has reminded me of the desire I had as a teen.  Gosh, I’m glad I didn’t get what I wanted back then.  In fact, what I ended up with was so much better and beyond and more than what it was I thought I had to have.  It’s as if there’s something greater than me and what I want.  Hmmmmm.