For the first time in probably six months, I spent an hour at Panera.  This afternoon, I had a staff meeting that went fairly long, kept me from doing a few things that I needed to get done, and made me generally anxious.  I’m not saying that I don’t like staff meetings.  I enjoy them for the most part.  In fact, lately I’ve really enjoyed meeting with staff and getting things accomplished.  We’ve been running on most (if not all) cylinders.  But when I’m planning on other things being accomplished, a long meeting ends up mostly just causing frustration.  So after work, I stopped at Panera for an hour to unwind and have a cup of coffee.  And it was like putting on an old hat.  I sat down & remembered pretty much every smell, feeling, sound that I’d encountered probably three hundred times over the past two or three years.  Maybe this fall I’ll put an hour on my schedule to stop for coffee and to unwind a little.  Couldn’t hurt, right?