After you buy a house, you do a lot of forgiving the people that lived there before you.  Partly because of the color choices and smells in carpet.  But partly because of the bizarre way they decided to repair things that broke under their ownership.  When I bought a house, I knew there were problems that would need to be fixed.  And I have been somewhat hard at work fixing these problems.  First was the toilet.  That took a few days and seven (literally) trips to the blue place (this was before I knew how cool the orange place was.).  Then was the shower.  That took fewer trips to blue, but also a trip to orange, several calls to a local janitor/maintenance friend, and even a google search.  Shortly after those things were done, the hard wood floors were done.  And that took a mere call to a very efficient handyman down the block.  Tonight, after eating dinner I found a leak.  It wasn’t bad, and it didn’t scare me terribly, but it smelled like it had been happening for years.  That scared me a little bit.  I’m not afraid to say that I called my mom.  Mostly just to get she & my step-dad over to the house so he could wrench down on the leak.  But partly just so they could have some ice cream and see the progress on the house.  It’s great to have people around that are great at fix-it stuff.  I can’t imagine having to figure all of this stuff out myself!  By the way, tomorrow I start rewiring the electrical in the 1st level.  We’ll see how that goes.