Sears was going to have its own page on my blog.  Seriously, after ordering a refrigerator that Jeannette (my wife) and I could not only agree on, but was also in our budget and nice enough to spend money on, we were told on three separate occasions that the appliance was backordered.  After the third call from bad-news-central*, I gave up on owning the device we had once loved the thought of.  Instead, I was out for blood and ready to rumble.  Complaining was getting me nowhere, visiting the manager of my local Sears store wasn’t doing much for me, and finding another item comparable to the one I wanted was useless.  With very little energy to pick out a stupid refrigerator left, Jeannette & I went to Sears to figure out what on earth we could even do.  And we walked by a ridiculously nice machine that we assumed was not only out of our price range, but also beyond the dimensions of our doorways.  And after some measuring and thinking and running home for 2nd checks, we actually thought it might work.  And we bought it.  Here’s the original price tag… at least, the price tag that we saw when we were looking at it.

Fridge Pricetag.JPG



And after we finally complained and talked to management and did everything we thought we could possibly do, the store clerk gave us a deal.  Not the deal that’s on the yellow tag above.  No, no.  A better deal.  See, we’d been through IT** in trying to buy a refrigerator.  So for Sears, taking a cut in their profit needed to happen for us to feel like we weren’t taken.  And thanks to Tim, the balding appliance salesman at Sears***, we walked away from the mall with a really, really cool fridge and a little cash still in hand.  Here’s a picture of the fridge, just in case you’re curious****.


Screen shot 2010-08-02 at 1.39.02 PM.png



















*Bad News Central is actually most any Sears retail store.

**IT refers to feces, either cow or human.

***I was sorry we didn’t deal with Steve, because that is one chill dude.

****Nosey.  By the way, our fridge is actually white, not yellow (or bone, ecru or adobe)