Last week I found a few things in an unfinished closet in my newly purchased home.  First, a couple plumbing things that need eventual attention and second, something that reminds me of electrical wiring.  It’s very weird wire and is nothing like the stuff people use today.  It’s called ‘knob and tube’ wiring because it’s just that… ceramic knobs mounted to the studs and tube-like wire that rests against the knobs.  It’s not terribly dangerous if you are using a house for it’s intended purpose.  The problems come when the wire either gets hot (from too much amperage) or when a homeowner tries to add a plug to a plug-less wall.  In my case, it was #2.  And the job that I thought should take twenty minutes and less than two tools actually became figurative #2.  Every time I’d connect wires to hardware, I mixed up the wires.  And the breaker would pop and I’d have to go reset the box and start from scratch again.

This week I’m in the same situation as that dumb wiring project… sort of.  I think ultimately the problem I’m having is with communication.  When I say something, some people take it as fact and truth.  Some people assume I’m joking.  Either way, I’m not communicating well with one of those groups.  And miscommunication ends up hurting everything.  As if I’m blowing breakers and having to start from scratch at every instance.  Fun?  No.  Educational?  Sure.  But did I like school (the basis for my educational side)?  Not even a little bit.