I just booked the last (hopefully) two things for my real honeymoon.  The initial booking was done 2 1/2 months ago.  We’re going on a cruise in the beautiful, yet smotheringly hot Caribbean.  Getting to the port is reasonably easy for those willing to spend $450 each on plane tickets and taxi fare.  But for those of us without ridiculous amounts of money and a little internet savvy, there’s always a cheaper way.  I booked flights to/from an airport 40 miles from the cruise port and reserved tickets on the cruiseline’s charter caravan.  When dealing with flying, there’s always funny things that I forget… like where to park my car.  The side of the freeway only works for 1 or maybe 2 nights.  The McDonald’s parking lot only works for 4-5 days.  But I’ve found a system that is truly amazing.  There’s a hotel within walking distance (we’ll be taking the hotel’s tram) of the airport, has great rates and a hottub, and is willing to cover the cost of parking if you stay 1 night.  So… the cost of the hotel is not only cheaper than the price of parking for 7 days, but it includes a nice bed, a dip in the pool and a continental breakfast.  Oh.  And the beauty of not having to leave Jackson at 4:30 am at the start of our honeymoon.  Oh, the sweet life.  My wallet is tingling.