Leadership is changing at job #2.  The boss has moved on and the new boss hasn’t shown up quite yet.  I mean… everybody’s met him.  He’s kind.  And so far, fun.  It’ll be an adjustment, however, from old boss to new boss.  So there’s that.  The boss will be different shortly.  The second change is this… I now have an office.  A place to put my stuff when I’m not around.  And a place to be when I’m at the office.  I’ve had an office for like 4 days now, and I think I’d forgotten quite how great it is to have someplace that’s your own.  I had forgotten what it was like to have to greet every person that came into the office or answer the phone every time the secretary went to the bathroom.  And now, my car is cleaner since I don’t have to carry all of my stuff around from the office and home anymore.  Now I just need a couch.