Update on the house:  Still no word on the house.  We’ve accepted the offer the seller has sent.  They now need to think through their acknowledgment for over a week… or so it would seem.  I wouldn’t recommend working with NationStar in any way.  They’re sure slow to move.  If it were legal, I’d just go to their office and make things happen.  But because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get the house I want after doing that, I’ll stay away… until after we close on the house.  Then all bets are off.

Update on the wedding:  Getting down to it here shortly.  It’s eleven days from today and we’re just about ready.  Everyone has tasks.  Everything has a place.  Now I just have to pack up my household and shove it into a storage unit in the basement of the lady’s apartment.

Update on the blog:  A website recently gave my blog a $4500 yearly worth.  I felt pretty good about that, to be honest.  To think… I could be making that kind of money just to write down things that come to mind literally seconds before I publish them.  But this morning, another website told me that this blog was worth $46.95 at the high end.  I guess that helps me stay grounded.  Now if I could just find some advertisers.