The name is misleading.  David has no place in that store.  Maybe he just fronted the money and sat in the car while his lady friend ran the store.  Because all I see when I walk in are dresses and dollar signs.  Well, I see angry customers and lazy workers, too.  I don’t want to say that David’s Bridal is a terrible place.  They have some great stuff, I’m sure.  They’re also the only national chain in their category in this region.  I’m afraid that people planning weddings assume that their only option is at this store.  And that’s just not true.  The internet (believe it or not) is actually a really great place to find wedding stuff if you know what you’re looking for and know the average price of things.  This blog is the least masculine thing I’ve ever written, I think.  But when I think about how many people this bridal chain is hosing and how much money they’re bilking people for, it gets me a little angry.

Here’s why I write this…  My fiance ordered a pair of shoes a month ago.  The attendant told her the shoes would be ready by a certain date.  She went in the store on that date to pick the shoes up, and they were missing.  OK.  Things happen.  But these were the last shoes in that size in that style in this part of the country.  So the fiance ordered a new style.  Three days later, a girl from David’s Bridal called the fiance and told her that they found her shoes, but they had been given to someone else (from our bridal party).  Because of the mixup, we just needed to pick up the other girl’s shoes, trade off at some point before the fiance walks down the aisle, and everything was great.  Well, today we went to the shop, and for 10 minutes, the fiance stood at the front desk while employees walked past her, did other things, and probably went out back for a smoke break.  When someone attempted to help her, they couldn’t find the shoes that were supposed to be picked up.  Of course.  Because what on earth would be any different?  Well, at the end of the process, the shoes were found, the fiance took them, and we’re en route to exchange them with the right shoes/right owner.  Here’s why this happened…

Picture a big, juicy steak.  Now picture that steak in the biggest closet in your home.  Now picture fifty starving dogs in that closet with the one steak.  Substitute the steak for some magical piece of wedding attire.  Now exchange the dogs for women*.  That’s why the interior of a David’s Bridal shop looks like a war zone.  A war zone where all the soldiers fight wearing white dresses and high heels, the dead are not people, but dresses and hand bags and sashes, left by the wayside.  The only fatalities are lost and damaged products.  Which is where we found ourselves an hour ago.

All this to say this…  if you’re planning a wedding, by all means, have fun with it.  Save money where you can.  Don’t skimp on the big things, but don’t blow it all on the small stuff.  And above all, never, ever, ever think that David’s Bridal is the only option.  Oh.  And Zales sucks.

*In no way do I mean to compare women to dogs.  I only use hungry dogs to give you the closest idea to the picture of the interior of the madness that is David’s Bridal.