I got a new computer last week.  It’s a great machine.  All sleek and stylish, lighted keys and awesomeness.  Until the computer arrived, I was happy with the smaller, less cool version that I had been limping along with.  But now… now I can’t handle the thought of going back to that thing.  It’s too small, too slow and too normal.  But this new thing… oh man.

The coolest part about the new computer is this… I can finally print things to my office printer.  Previously, I had to save any documents I’d like printed to a flash drive and take that to another computer and print from there.  It took a long time to get things printed.  And I found myself resenting the whole system.  But today I set up the printer to work with this new computer and BAM!  We’re good to go!  So my day has been bright.  And not just because I can print.  It’s also because it’s wicked awesome outside.