Here’s the short list of things that I’m not stoked about today…

1.  The highway was backed up for 8 miles (twenty minutes…. or half of my commute distance) while a single semi truck tried to pass a ‘wide load’ convoy by driving about 1/2 a mile per hour faster than the convoy.

2.  My new laptop is stuck in Memphis in a Fed Ex truck due to ‘inclement weather’ as it says on the Fed Ex website… however, the weather channel says that it’s perfect trucking weather.

3.  Due to several reasons, namely poor planning on the part of a few financial minds at my employer, I won’t be getting a pay check this week.

4.  I have yet to hear back from my realtor to know if I’m to drop the bid I’ve put on a house.  I have until the 30th (three whole days from now) to have an accepted offer to get the 10% tax credit.  Today seems like the day to be accepted to me.

5.  The boss decided to bring his sick kid to work so that the rest of the office could catch whatever it is that keeps his kid’s nose, ears and eyes full of slime.  I personally can’t wait to have that.