I skipped a part of service this morning and sat in the foyer instead.  Partly because it was blazingly hot in the room full of bodies.  And partly because it’s just easier right now to not be in there.  I didn’t want to just sit there.  I mean… if I’m going to be out of service, I need to at least be doing something.  SO I picked up a book.  It was ok, I guess, but I only got a few pages into it.  The thing that stuck out to me was one statement that I’m assuming somebody else said, then the author used to make his point, or to ‘tie the room together.’  The statement was something like, “If you want to be rich, you do what rich people do.  You don’t ask a homeless guy for financial advice.  You don’t listen to your brother-in-law just because he has an opinion.  You go to the people that are doing what you want to do.  Then do what they do.

All of that to say this… I’m at a point where I’m not exactly sure what else to do to bring ‘the point home’.  So I’ve got to get with people that are good at that.  Not the kids that are still green or don’t have perspective past their own ultra-chic thick rimmed glasses.  Not the lady that’s played the organ for the past sixty-seven years without taking a week off.  But those that have been where I’m at.  The ones that are currently doing new and innovative things that are not just for fun or to use their budget money before the end of the year.  That being said, I guess you can expect a call sometime soon.  I mean… if you’re not the be-spectacled guy or the old piano lady.