I watched a documentary (thanks to Ken Burns) about Thomas Jefferson early this week.  It was ok.  Not that I don’t appreciate my freedoms and liberties and I absolutely point back at that guy for a majority of that.  However… the documentary was just ok.

Yesterday & today, I watched a documentary about Samuel Clemens… aka Mark Twain.  This documentary was great, but probably because the guy was wickedly different from anyone else in history.  I loved it.  Skipped breakfast and lunch.  And I’m not done yet.  I remember most every fact from the first 30 minutes of the documentary.  It’s as if I’ve seen a movie about the life of Mark Twain.  And I think I have.  I mean… unless my brain has made up a movie to associate all facts about Mark Twain with one memory.  At any rate, I can’t remember the name of any movie about Mark Twain.  And I can’t find any movie about it.  So here’s my question…

Does anybody know of a movie about Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens from the last thirty years or so?