I’ve been working on a video here at the Land of Bread for a little over two hours now, and in that time, there have been at least a couple different rushes of people.  Meetings, dates, cups of coffee and really expensive cookies.  But there are two guys that got here probably an hour before I did.  I know that I spend quite a bit of time here when I do get a chance, but these guys are here every time I come in.  The staff all know them both.  The one guy brings a laptop, but never looks at it.  I think it’s his excuse to come hang out.  The other guy doesn’t have a laptop… probably because he doesn’t know how to ‘work them.’  This guy looks like he could be english… and not just the normal english.  He looks like he’d be at home in a rugby brawl.  He talks as if he’s had a few head injuries… always using the terms, ‘yous’ [use] and ‘yaknowahmean’.  I don’t know this guy.  He could be a complete genius.  However… well, I just doubt it.  The other guy could easily play a district attorney on some Law & Order spin off, like “Law & Order: Stalker Edition.”  Wait.  Actually, in that series, he’d actually be the bad guy.  Because that’s kind of what he does.  He uses his stalker powers to act like he’s reading a paper or doing computer things, but he’s actually watching the high school girls as they clean tables around him.

I keep thinking that these gentlemen are creepy and should leave.  However, I think I’ve now been here for close to three hours, have made eye contact with most everyone in here, and I feel at home.  So… maybe I’m one of them.  Great!  I think it’s time to do work at the office again.  Less quality coffee and atmosphere, but way more reason for me to be doing work.