Peter was in the boat with the disciples when that huge storm showed up and started tossing them around the sea.  Jesus had told the boys that He was going to meet them later on.  I’d bet they assumed he would’ve met them a few days later, maybe he was going to walk around the coast while they rode the storm out.  Either way, Jesus wasn’t there in their time of need.  Those boys were freaking out, I’d assume.  I mean… I would’ve been.  Things must have gotten pretty shaky (beyond just the boat & the water & the wind) with those dozen (or so) guys.  Probably a few raised voices, a few tears, maybe a push or a shove, and more than likely, a few whimpers.  Those guys were scared and the one that told them to go was nowhere to be found.  Nice.  But then Jesus walks up, calls one out to walk & talk, and then they’re all good.  End of story.

I guess I’ve never thought of that story as a worship experience.  And I’ve NEVER thought of it as a challenge.  But here’s what I’m starting to see…

In the midst of all hell breaking loose, Jesus calls us out.  Maybe our storms are different than raging seas and wild winds.  Maybe your storm is struggles at work, and maybe mine is problems at home.  But we all have storms.  And in the midst of our storms, Jesus is walking up, calling our names, hoping we’ll just come out and be with him.  And sometimes we answer His call.  Sometimes we walk out on the raging seas, spend our time with Jesus and find the seas are smoothing out.  But sometimes we don’t get out of the boat.  Sometimes we cower in the corner, hoping that the storms will just end so we can get to shore.  And the thing is… the storms pass either way.  Whether we meet up with Jesus or not, the storm always passes.  But the difference would be that you would’ve clung to the one that saves instead of the one that sinks.