I’ve had a few problems with the new Google Chrome product. Google has always been fairly cool with me. They allow me to ask all sorts of things and for the most part, give me pretty good answers. But today, I found a flaw. A major flaw. Google Chrome has a few things that have been bothering me. And I didn’t realize it was Chrome’s fault until today.
I haven’t blogged in nine days. And it’s 100% because I couldn’t log into my posting site without the whole internet crashing. Obviously not the WHOLE internet, but from my opening, it seemed like it. Anyway, I assumed it was my blog that was off or something. But it was Chrome. I also found a few major flaws with youtube (a Google company), amazon, and even Google apps that aren’t up to snuff on Chrome. I’m going back to Firefox for a while. Maybe Google can call me when they’ve got their stuff together a little bit.