One member of my family got another member of my family a subscription to Netflix for Christmas.  If you don’t know, Netflix is a DVD & Instant Play movie rental service.  The DVD portion is a little slow.  The instant download side, on the other hand, is… well, it’s instant.  With a Blu-Ray player or a ‘Roku’ box, you can instantly stream any movie available from Netflix right to your TV without waiting for old Bob, the mail man.  And because the instant service graciously gives subscribers up to six different users, I’ve gained much from the subscription that I didn’t pay for.  Thank you, free trade agreement.

One thing I’m gaining has been LOST.  I’m not gaining lost things.  I’ve been watching LOST from episode one to episode done.  I’m now on season five, which is, as they say, the weirdest season yet… until last Tuesday, when things got even weirder.  I know we all have our theories as to what the show means.  Most sound fairly reasonable.  In fact, I have a feeling that at the end of the show, most theories will have touched on the meaning at least in part.  But after watching all of them, I’ve come up with only one thought… and it’s this……….

The Jacob character seems to be Creativity & Reason embodied.  And once people are pushed far enough, they kill him.  And that, friends, is what’s happened.  Will my theory work out?  Who knows.  But it’s a shot in the dark from a guy that watches TV and surfs the web at the same time.