While having lunch at a Chinese cuisine buffet this afternoon, I noticed someone a few booths over looking at me with a terrible look on their face. After trying for a LONG time (the whole meal) to figure out what on earth made this seemingly sweet old lady look at me as if I had recently cut her hair off and superglued it to her back, I realized that she was impressed. By what, you ask? Well, I happen to use chop sticks when I eat Chinese food. Not because I think it’s fun or to impress those around me, though both of those things are true. I use the chop sticks to eat Chinese because that’s how real Chinese people eat food. Do I feel superior to those that use forks to eat? No. But I want the full experience. Part of eating at the Chinese buffet is the experience. I like the weird scary music, the bizarre smells, the odd moving paintings and the sincerely ugly booth upholstery. The environment is great. The food is great. But without the chop sticks, it’s just not the full experience. So I got a crazy look from a little old lady because I used chop sticks. I guess I took this away from lunch today… It must be hard for people to accept that people are different. And not just in skin color. We’re talking experiences and mindsets. I also took away from lunch a headache and a very strong urge to take a nap. Anybody know if you can die from an MSG allergy?