I started thinking about my 2009 taxes this week.  Obviously I haven’t gotten any W-2 forms from my employers yet (because they’re supposed to keep paying me until year’s end).  But with the information I’ve got from paystubs and shady accountant-types at my places of work, I have enough to go by to fill out an estimated tax form… which I’ve done.  And the IRS fairies are smiling on me this year.

What’s the difference this year from last, you might ask?  Well, for one thing, I’ve been giving things to people less fortunate.  Are there people with less than me?  Yeah.  Surprisingly enough, there are.  So I’ve been sharing my time and energy and gas and cash with others.  I’ve also figured out a way (with the help of the previously mentioned IRS fairies) to turn my hobbies and talents into tax deductions and credits.  Thanks be to a government that helps out the givers.

All of that to say this… It’ll be nice to get a nice fat check at the first part of the year.