I got hard news today.  Not life-shattering news or anything, but not good news.  The kind of news that makes you want to either kill a man or go home and sleep for three days on the couch.  Either way, those both seemed like options when I got the news.  The moment I heard what I heard, I had this very real and very clear thought.  So clear, in fact, that I ignored part of the news to notice how substantial the thought was.  And here’s what spun in my head as I took in the pile of information that made my day what it’s become.

When someone gives you information, either good or bad, the messenger should be in a position, both physically and emotionally, appropriate for the news they’re delivering.  A message of “The War is Over!!!” wouldn’t come from a sorrowful and bitter voice.  The statement, “We got your test results back, and it’s not good,” would not be filled with laughter and smiles.  Those would seem like acts of a madman.  Part of having a soul is knowing good from bad and right from wrong… or so I’ve heard.

When I was receiving my news today, it was coming from a smiling face.  A face that seemed to say, “We’re ok with this.”  But the news was quite different.  The news was more, “This isn’t something you’re gonna want to be standing for.”  That’s quite misleading.  It’s unnerving.  And it’s grounds for a good swift kick to the Don Johnson.

I didn’t do any kicking.  I didn’t even freak out and tear up the driveway on the way out.  I just quietly accepted the news and tried very hard to let it go.  I’m sure that within a few days, I’ll come up with a good plan of action to change the news I got.  But until then, I’ll just say this… look out, dude, because when you’re not looking, you may get a golf club shaped bruise somewhere between your knees.