I drive roughly 30 miles one way to work every day.  I don’t mind the drive… I kind of like that half hour/45 minutes to mentally prepare myself for a big day or to decompress from a long day.  Not that I enjoy spending a large sum of money on gas every few days.  Or the wasted 3-4 hours per week just sitting in a car.  But the commute isn’t terrible.  That is, it WASN’T terrible.  Until days like today.

I94 has this very strange and mysterious way of becoming a parking lot at rush hour*.  Last week, State Troopers had people pulled over at four mile increments, which made every vehicle slow way down and get into the passing lane.  I’m not sure how the police did that, but it was somehow magical.  The four mile separation caused a twenty mile freeway commute turn into an hour & a half drive.  Today was a totally different story.  There were three accidents within three miles of each other.  The first was a semi truck that flipped over in the westbound lane (I was headed east).  For reasons that I can only assume are based on the noseyness of people, the eastbound lane was at a dead stop for five miles while people got their fill of wreckage, then drove away.  A mile further down, two cars (who I would be willing to bet a vital organ were gawkers from the first accident) somehow bumped into each other and exploded with car parts thrown across the westbound lane.  Again… several miles of backup so people can see dead bodies**.  And the final accident was a frozen food truck that had either broken down in a lane or had run over a poor old chevy van or something.  There was something behind the semi truck’s rear axle, but I couldn’t tell if it was the truck’s cargo or a vehicle’s remains.  Because the truck was in the road and there were emergency personnel running back and forth from fire truck to frozen food truck to the ambulance to the oncoming traffic, there were several more miles of back up.  Quite a morning commute.

Maybe it’s time to stop commuting.  My nerves are shot… and it’s been 4 hours.  Granted, I WAS on the same 1 mile patch of freeway for 45 minutes.  Maybe I’ll take the rest of the day off to calm down.  Or maybe it’s time to rethink that hypertension idea.

* I use the term hour loosely.  It’s really more like three hours at either end of the work day.

** By bodies, I actually mean vehicles, not people.  There were no people in the cars at the time of collision.  Those people were still back watching the 1st accident victims get taken away in ambulances.  Looking back, that is probably the biggest cause of their accident.