November fifth, nineteen-fifty-five!  It was a red letter day in the history of time travel.  Doctor Emmet Brown fell on the toilet while hanging a picture in the bathroom, hit his head on the sink, and when he regained consciousness, had a vision for the Flux Capacitor.  Now, obviously we have no real time travel… yet… that we know of.  But we do have an amazing set of movies that sure help us see what time travel would be like.  The Back To The Future trilogy has been on my shelf for about six years.  I’ve picked up one of the three dvds maybe a few times since I purchased the set.  Next week, however, I’m going to try to watch the whole kitten-kabootle*.


*I have NO idea what a kitten kabootle is.  But if TV has taught me anything, it must be a makeup tackle box for young cats.