I’ve been leading worship at a small church for about a month on Sunday nights. The extra pay is great, the larger ministry footprint is awesome and the new friends are really neat… But the time commitment is less than healthy. Every Sunday I leave Chelsea after church and go straight to the other church for practice, then have the service and after a few handshakes and a laugh or two, I’m on the road again. The drive is about 1:30 with traffic and is kind of stressful for a road-rager like me. Under perfect settings, the drive would be 10 minutes and I could spend my Sunday afternoon on the couch with my GFF. But in trying to save up a little cash for she & I, I took this job… And it ironically takes me away from her. But my contract ends next Sunday. I’m looking forward to that.

I have this same feeling about othr stuff. When I go to camps and weekend retreats that take me away from my people and my places, my heart starts leading me back home long before the events are over. Why is that? Why do I ignore the great things happening around me? Well, I’m sure that love has something to do with it. But what is that takes my focus off of the here & now and puts it on the there & then?

I can’t think of one thing, to be honest. I guess I’m just a home body, I guess. Looks like my world-tour dreams can be put to rest. Unless I buy an RV and a driver… Then not only is my home with me on the road, but my rage doesn’t come out.