It’s been raining today. When I got up and went to job #1, it was dark… so dark, in fact, that I couldn’t see the weather yet. But by the time I left job #1, it was raining pretty hard. And from then til now it’s done nothing but the same. My commute from job #2 back to the city was pretty exciting. The wind plus the rain equals nothing less than a luge course for my little mustang.

Today’s big experience, more-so even than the luge-like interstate, was the realization I came to four minutes ago. I’m starting to formulate a theory that I wish I’d have started years ago. After work (when things are stressful, anyway), It’s a good idea for me to spend a little time dissecting the day before I go home. Not that I can’t interact with my loved ones, but sometimes a few minutes with a magazine and a cup of coffee are good for me. Somehow a cup of coffee magically turns me back into myself from whatever commuting monster I’d been only ten minutes ago. Not sure why, but I’m going to make this time a priority. It’s better for me, but also better for my people. I don’t want my first half hour home to be releasing all sorts of venom into others. I’d much rather release that venom slowly with a cup of coffee, which (I can only assume) neutralizes it. Anybody else do that?