Let’s be honest… having something special-ordered is quite a process. And there are many hands that must touch the specially made item between the placed order and the received item. And there’s something significantly awesome about having something that nobody else has. But when many hands must touch something, there are many chances for error. Sadly, every once in a while, an error shows up. And then blood boils. See… here’s the problem. When many hands have touched something, it’s really easy to hide finger prints. If ten people have had to work on a special order item and one of those people didn’t get their morning nap, they could’ve dozed off while that item went down their assembly line station. But once the item has been sent to its new order, that napping worker is in the clear. And you know who gets all of the fire & brimstone from the owner of the not-exactly-right item? Not the sleepy employee. No, it’s customer service. Customer service ends up taking the blame and apologizing for most all problems and the drowsy lineman just puts his feet up and lets the products just slide on by.

I don’t know why I write about this aside from this fact… Customer service must be a ridiculous job. Telling people you’re sorry for things you didn’t do or even understand. Having to give discounts and refunds and return shipping for stuff that lazy Susan in the factory has let slip. Not for me. No thanks.