I’ve been ‘shopping’ for discount furniture this week.  Not for me, exactly.  I’m looking to find great deals on cheap furniture for my GFF, Jeannette.  See, the thing is… she’s moving close by.  And she doesn’t have an apartment’s worth of furniture.  So I’m doing what I can to help her have places to sit & hang out.

It’s strange what I’ve never noticed about furniture before now.  I’ve never realized that furniture sometimes smells bad when you plop down on it.  And if it’s older, it has dust plumes along with the smell.  And some furniture leaves parts of itself on you when you get up.  Cushions are sometimes full of pillow guts and sometimes they have frames and springs and old bones in them.  Strange what I’ve never had to know about used furniture until now.  But learning is great.  Some might say that it’s half the battle.

Amazing how sometimes God sometimes lets us get through parts of scripture a thousand times with one application, but then for whatever reason He sees fit, the next time a totally new and other application comes out.  That’s gotta be how the scripture is living & active.  And probably part of how we see the Holy Spirit at work.  Glad I’m buying furniture & learning so much about it.  Guess that’ll allow me to testify about the work that Broyhill & Posture-pedic have done in my life one day.