Jugglers must have their shtuff together.  Being able to keep track of all of the objects in the air and knowing when to grab which object… I don’t think I’d be able to keep that stuff going.  I’d surely drop something.  The tennis balls or flaming chainsaws or small dogs with swords.

I’m pretty sure juggling is a metaphor.  Or a simile.  Or maybe just an illustration.  I’m not exactly sure how a metaphor is like a simile, but they’re both illustrations somehow.  Either way, the juggling is my life these days.  Between two jobs, a daily commute, a relationship, friends, family, summer camps, a few minutes at the gym and trying to keep some sort of spiritual life, I’ve started letting a few things slip.  And I’m starting to feel the slip more than I have before.

How is it that people can do this?  I think I’ve missed something.  Somehow others are able to juggle their lives.  And somehow others are able to make their lives spin without dropping anything.  But maybe it’s less that others are able to juggle and more that I haven’t figured out how to fake it.  And maybe I’m trying to give each ball 100% of my attention instead of giving less time to less important things.  So maybe the issue is priorities rather than juggling.

I think it’s time for a priority check for me.  And possibly a day off.